NaNoWriMo 2006

We went to the kick off party for St Louis NaNoWriMo Sunday afternoon.  They want me to write.  I told them I have a sweater to finish but they want me to write.  The galling thing is that after a whole year with no story idea, I finally got mugged by a plotbunny, and a good one at that.  It requires I read a fair-sized nonfiction science book first to get the details right because it's a demanding plotbunny, but the story could be fun.

It was good to see the people I remembered from last year.  We'll be doing Sunday write-ins at the same location (Bread Co on South Central in Clayton) and I planned to bring the sweater there to finish it up.  If (IF and not before) I get it done and read the relevant book, I'll work on my story.  Till then, I'll be the one in the corner working on the green sweater.

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