Eternal Sweater progress report II

This is the end of my second week knitting just the Eternal Sweater.  Today I got to the neck divide, which means I am 10 rows and one sleeve away from finishing a project I started in 1994!  I'm pretty confident I have enough yarn left now.  That's been worrying me for years every time I saw the sweater pieces.  I think it'll fit too.

  • Oct 23rd: 6 rows
  • Oct 25th: 10 rows
  • Oct 26th: 4 rows
  • Oct 27th: 14 rows

The pattern is Patton's 5211, copyright 1994.  I have four and a bit repeats done now.  My goal is to finish the sweater by the end of NaNoWriMo 2006, which is November 30th.

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