It was an accidental purchase.  We were in England, in Bournemouth, which is on the south coast, and it got cold.  Foolishly I had not brought a coat, not even a summer coat.  Summer coats are for when it's too warm for the winter coat, but too cold for no coat at all.  Summer coats get worn all summer through, apart from the freakishly hot days where the country grinds to a halt, tarmac melts, and British Rail dusts off the "trains can't run, rails warped in the heat" excuse (as opposed to the "wrong kind of snow," "leaves on the line," or "wrong kind of leaves" excuses they usually use to explain why the trains are never quite on schedule).  The purchase was a pale blue hooded sweatshirt with a zip, found in Debenhams sale rack.  I didn't think I'd like it much once it was done keeping me warm in sunny Bournemouth, but it turns out I love it, and wear it every chance I get.

In St Louis, the concept of the summer coat gets you a few odd looks because it gets too hot here to wear anything coat-like for four months of the year.  The BBC Weather report puts the days' high temperatures in fiery orange circles instead of yellow ones, so you know it's too hot for the British.  Since I love this little hoodie so much, I have a motivator: when Hubby's Eternal Sweater is complete, I will make bpt (a cabled, hooded knit sweatshirt) in Sakhalin Salmon Peace Fleece, which is an 80% wool 20% mohair red/gold flecked yarn.  Not cheap, but a gorgeous colour.

Sakhalin Salmon yarn.

I've never made anything with a zip in before, and I will use the ribbon-backing idea I saw on this blog.  Not sure if ribbon is her idea or not, but she has handy pictures.  Peace Fleece is worsted weight, 200 yds per $6.50 skein, I will need 1350 yds, so seven skeins = $45.50 plus shipping.  Got to save up for it, but I have time, according to the new project schedule.  I'll be putting in some serious overtime this month, which will help.

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