More spin

I got two spindles of Coopworth done in two hours last night.  I think it was more even by the end of it.  Need to take more time with the drafting and make a thinner yarn.  I'm not taking into account that it has to be plied, so I'm doing for thicker singles than I need.  I tend to spin up some twist, park the spindle, and then let the twist run up the roving.  I can do it while the spindle is going sometimes but only if the roving is well drafted in advance.  On Friday I'm going to try plying the two balls of Coopworth, it'll come up as a bulky weight yarn and I have no idea what to make with it.  Maybe a coaster.  Plying is supposed to relax the singles.

My spindle is a good one, it spins fast even with a chunk of yarn wound on it.  Spinning teacher said the hook was small, but it seems to be doing fine.  I'd like to get a Bosworth Midi for comparison some day, they use beautiful wood but they cost more than I was willing to spend for a first spindle.  Tulipwood and Cocobolo look beautiful.

I can't see that spinning would overtake knitting as a hobby, but I do enjoy it.  At the end of class on Saturday we're taking a spinning wheel home, and I'll have two nights to myself that week.  I may institute an "alternate Tuesdays are for spinning" policy like the Yarn Harlot as Hubby will be out those nights.  Spin it: Making yarn from scratch by Lee Raven makes more sense now, it has lots of colour photos that help.  The carding and fleece preparation parts don't apply, but the rest is very helpful.

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