Monsters in the closet

Popped into Barnes and Noble yesterday for some quiet time after a wildly sucessful knitting morning at my house.  Around fifteen people crammed into my living room, stitching and talking, learning new techniques and ogling patterns.  I'm a person who values alone time, so we went to the bookstore.  I was reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, a book about the "adaptive unconscious" and how snap judgements happen, fascinating stuff.

Sitting in a comfy chair, we heard a strange noise.  Running feet, going to and fro across the ceiling.  There was a squirrel in the ceiling, scampering around like a mad thing looking for a way out.  It was loud.  This squirrel had boots on.  But no-one else looked up!  The next two or three people to sit down just ignored the noise.  The squirrel was pounding around right above their heads and they just blanked it out.

Don't ignore the squirrels.

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