Midwest Blogbash

More on the Midwest Blogbash we went to Friday night.  I was joint youngest at the table,  with Juan Gato, he of the cool three-eyed fish shirt.  Thankfully no cameras, the attempt to use a PDA as a camera failed.  To elaborate on my earlier comment, "interesting" is a compliment, and I could happily spend more evenings with my fellow St. Louisan bloggers.  Many thanks to Sine Qua Non Pundit for the meal.  Mmmm.  We managed to take over a whole section of the restaurant, which was probably a good thing for the normal people trying to eat dinner in peace.

Also in attendance were Spinline, No Watermelons Allowed, Midwest Conservative Journal,  Ann Wilson and Bill, and Hubby.  A grand collection of opinionated people.  The world needs more opinionated people.  Now I have a whole new pile of blogs to read!

Please sir, can we have another blogbash?

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