Midwest Blog Bash last night at Two Nice Guys in Webster.  Interesting crowd.  Hey, drop me an email sometime, OK?

Pevely Flea Market is great.  We own garden tools now, and the ivy's days are numbered.

Saw Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.  Ewan MacGregor was indeed sporting a mullet.  And it's about time Yoda got off his backside and did something useful, even if his lightsabre does resemble a green glowing toothpick.

This has been bugging me for a while, who does no-one in Hollywood or television seem to be aware of the concept of the off-site backup?  In the movie Deep Blue Sea the vital research is stored on one disk in the chief mad scientist's bedroom.  Later in the movie, the disk gets fried, almost everyone dies, and no-one's happy.  Exactly the same thing on Earth: Final Conflict recently.  Vital research, the solitary copy is stolen, and there is no off-site backup.  You never have only one copy of anything if you have an ounce of sense!  They deserve to lose their data.

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