Mail with added fibre

Two parcels in the mail on Wednesday and one on Thursday from Norma.  I love getting mail.

Mail with fibre.

From left to right, the big bag of roving is Dark Coopworth from Copper Moose, and the label says it's from New Zealand, which makes me very happy.  It's the colour of dark chocolate, soft and smelling slightly of farm.  Eight ounces is a lot more fibre than I was expecting, just over 200g.  I'm hoping I can spin this into yarn for a scarf for Hubby.  I don't know how yet, but I'll learn.  I've never bought roving before, this was a first.

The spindle is Cascade's Little Si, made from maple wood, and it is my first spindle.  It came from The Bellweather with a small chunk of beautifully dyed fibre that smells of maiden aunts and is soft as powder.  Both stores shipped fast, I would definitely order from them again.

Finally, the gorgeous red yarn is from Norma for winning her stealth contest, thank you!  It is Classic Elite Lush, half angora and half merino, soft and cuddleworthy.

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