Big Cat Sightings

BBC News: SW claws to top of big cats list.

The numbers of big cats being seen roaming the countryside around Britain is increasing, a report says, with South West England being a hot spot.  Devon, Cornwall and Somerset feature in the top 10 locations, according to the British Big Cats Society.  Devon has replaced Scotland as the top area for sightings. Scotland still came in third, and Wales was fourth.
Almost 60% of sightings were of black cats, and 32% sandy-coloured or brown, which the BBCS believes are pumas.  Another 6% were said to be lynx-type cats.  The British Big Cats Society (BBCS) report includes research to be published in the April issue of BBC Wildlife magazine.

Rumour has it that the cats are breeding.  Defra (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) doesn't believe there are big cats loose in Britain, but there have been attacks on livestock, and people have found paw prints.  Hubby took me to a tiger sanctuary last year for our anniversary, and all five tigers were rescue animals.  I could see how "pet" big cats in Britain got released when they got out of hand, or too big or dangerous to have around.

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