Mac report

We've had the Mac PowerBook five days now.  This is what we had to do get it running:


Our wireless network was locked down, so the Mac couldn't configure automatically but it did detect the network.  Fixed with manual configuration, and typing in a really long password.  Transferred data from old laptop and MP3s from desktop.

Print server

Printer was detected, but not accessible.  Required IP address of print server and some simple manual configuration from the D-Link website FAQ.

USB Smart card reader

Too old to be recognised by Mac.  Bought PC card media reader instead, which worked first time (and will also work with new camera, whenever we get one).


Installed Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (email), Pages (Word equivalent), Keynote (PowerPoint equivalent), Textwrangler (Text Edit/FTP), and Cyberduck (FTP client).  I also installed Jer's NovelWriter to use for NaNoWriMo.  Hubby has installed other stuff, including some text-based FTP client.

I'm still getting used to the context menu trigger keys, sometimes it's the control key, sometimes the Apple key, can anyone explain the difference? The high point so far was when the Mac hopped on the wireless at St Louis Bread Co.  The Win98 laptop couldn't get online there.  Thunderbird isn't as good as I'd like at filtering out junk mail but hopefully it'll learn. There's no Mailwasher equivalent, and I miss that.  iPhoto is doing most of the work PaintShop Pro used to do, but what about non-photo graphics?  Any suggestions?

Getting the Mac running was remarkably painless.  It really is easy to use, once you stop over-thinking it.  Case in point: iPhoto's crop button was greyed out and I couldn't figure out how to crop the photo.  Drag a square out over the photo and the button lights up, instant photo cropping.  It's a different way of doing things, but it's been my main machine for three days and I like it a lot.

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