More of a fender bender than a total wreck, but disappointing nonetheless.  I had 40 rows to go on my Seraphim shawl when I made a mistake.  The fix looked almost passable, and I thought I could live with it, but it didn't look right.  When I tried to tink back two rows to fix it, the yarn got away from me and I ended up ripping back to my now-beloved lifeline, four rows beneath.  *sigh*  And it was going so well!

But I like the pattern, I got to try it on while it was off the needle, and I feel much better for the rip out.  I set a deadline of October 1st for the shawl, to be entered into the Loopy Ewe Q3 Challenge:

The Challenge this time is to pick a sock or lace pattern that is a stretch for you in terms of new techniques (or just more complicated stitch patterns than you typically knit.)

Seraphim definitely qualifies, but my resolve to complete the shawl is being sorely tested...

Seraphim shawl detail.

The Boudica socks kit arrived from Wooly Wonka Fibers with a beautiful skein of BFL yarn (colour is Sagebrush and Cedars).  I've spun BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) but not knitted with it, and this skein smells wonderfully sheepy!

Right now, yarns that are mostly solid colours are more appealing to me than variegated ones.  I've found several Etsy sellers with interesting solid-ish yarns:

What's your favourite Etsy store?

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