Kool-Aid continued

I used lemon, orange, and cherry Kool-Aid for the sock yarn, divided the yarn roughly into three chunks, dumped it into the drink and popped it in the microwave.  Three two-minute zaps on high power, and the water was clear, and the yarn definitely coloured.  I left it about three minutes betwen zaps because I'm impatient.  The red pot was a packet of cherry and half of an orange, the yellow pot was two lemons and half an orange, and the orange pot was two oranges.

Sock yarn in progress.

For the worsted weight, I used lime and a colour-changing cherry flavour which came out bluish.  The end result looked like this:

Sock yarn rinsing.
Worsted yarn rinsing.

Remind me never to drink Kool-Aid.  I'm shocked at how well the colour took, and at what that implies for the chemical content of the Kool-Aid.   Once the yarn was rinsed, washed, and rinsed again, I put it on coathangers in the bathroom to dry.  It's still drying a day later, but this is how the skeins turned out:

Finished skeins.

When it eventually dries, the red orange skein will get turned into a pair of socks for me, the green I'm still trying to figure out.  The yarn smells a little fruity but it's not unpleasant.  I didn't end up with dye all over my hands and kitchen so I'm happy.  This is definitely an experiment to repeat.

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