Don't drink the Kool-Aid

Rox gave me KnitPicks dye-your-own yarn and some Kool-Aid for my birthday, so I picked up canning jars for a yarn dyeing experiment.  I was aiming for an orange sock yarn and a green worsted weight, somewhere between variegated and self-striping.  While the yarn was soaking in soapy water, I worked on a KnitPicks Simple Stripes sock for my mother, using the Storm colour.  I'm not so happy with the grey, I think it should be lighter, but I'm racing through the stripes to get to the next blue section.  This is the third pair of the sock marathon and the last of the requests from England.  Results tomorrow, I have dyed yarn hanging in the bathroom drying.


Still ploughing through the PG Wodehouse, found a Jeeves and Wooster page on Wikipedia with a chronology, which is most useful.

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