Knitted objects

Started knitting the Coopworth I spun for spinning class into a scarf.  It's hard to get a decent picture of this, all I've got is a still life with cat and yarn.

Coopworth scarf and Tangle cat.

The cable pattern is from Rachel's Good Ole Cable Scarf, which I made for my Dad for Christmas 2004.  Adapted it to include a pointy end and dropped the moss stitch border in favour of garter stitch.  I'm boggled at how regular the knitting looks, because the yarn isn't very regular.  It ranges from lace weight to a step above worsted.  The scarf is dense, no draft will ever get through.  But it's the first thing ever knitted with stuff I spun!  The Coopworth turned up as a big bag of fluff and I spun it into singles on the borrowed Louet S10 from spinning class, plied it together, wound it on a niddy noddy, washed it to set the twist, waited forever for it to dry, and knitted with it.  From fluff to scarf, all my own work.

Finished a strip of the leftovers blanket:

Blanket strip four.

Leftovers from Mum's socks on the far left (KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Storm), then some maroon RY Cashsoft from the yarn store in Guildford, picked up over Christmas.  Next is the KnitPicks Essentials in Dusk from Hubby's socks I just finished, then more of the Cashsoft.  The blanket is over half done now, this is the fourth strip of seven.  All four strips are sewn up, and all ends woven in.  Leaving those tasks to the end would be bad.  This way I get to preview the blanket.

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