Knit recap

Eris continues.  Wound another skein of Cascade 220 and started the hem.  It might end up longer than the pattern says, but I like long cardigans and I have two extra skeins of yarn anyway.  I'm working on the short rows to set up the curved hem pieces, and I haven't yet figured out how the back gets cast off.  Five skeins of yarn in, Eris is no longer portable, and I need a project I can drag around with me.

Hexagon and sock.

I started a pair of Twists and Ribs socks in Trekking Hand Art.  Shortly after taking this photo, I ripped the socks out to try making Yarnissima's Firestarter pattern instead.  Twists and Ribs wasn't challenging me but at least I have an idea how it will look knitted up.  I wanted to get in practice with Yarnissima patterns because there's a Spina di Pesce kit heading my way.  This is my first Trekking sock, the yarn was picked up after the Weaving Department Spin In and I love the colours.

The white thing is a hexagon of Polwarth handspun.  It has a seed stitch edge and used all 39 yards of the yarn I'd spun.  The fibre had a lot of lanolin on it, so the hexagon feels slightly sticky.  The micro-skein of spindle-spun Wensleydale was another sampler piece, that one came out square after a rip out.  I'm trying to get over the fear of knitting with handspun.  Does knitting make it just another piece of yarn?

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