Cormo and Targhee

I'm still spinning Cormo, though I set the wheel back to the slowest ratio.  There's about 2oz left to go before Navajo plying, which should probably be attacked on a relaxed Friday afternoon with a glass of Bailey's for good measure.  Slowing down the wheel makes it a lot easier to get what I want from the single.  Next up will either be Polwarth roving, or attacking the mighty clump of Targhee I was given for buying a wheel at The Fold.  It's huge, my puny kitchen scale says I have just over ten ounces.  The Cormo bobbin is filing up nicely.

Cormo singles and Targhee fibre.

I have a bunch of different sheep breeds to try in my fibre stash.  Merino, BFL, and Cormo are soft and easy to spin, they feel smooth and the fibres slip easily.  Polwarth is dreamy soft, though the locks I have contain a lot of lanolin that had to be washed out of the knitted sample.  Jacob was just fun, it felt sturdy and basic, destined to be a solid outdoor sport weight, not some civilised lace weight.  Icelandic felt oddly hairy and silky, like spinning fine human hair.  Wensleydale was similar and it has a halo when it's knitted and washed.  Romney and Coopworth felt similar to each other, not too soft, not too rough, with lots of structure.  I'd like to have a knitted sample of all the different breeds to see the finished product.  So far I have Coopworth, Polwarth, and Wensleydale.

I haven't yet touched the Lincoln, Cotswold, CVM, Gotland, Targhee, or Shetland in my stash.  What's your favourite sheep fibre to spin?

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