The Knit Picks yarn arrived today!  It took seven days to get my yarn from the day I mailed my order, I am impressed.  I also got the Campus Knits and Magic Loop booklets.  Campus Knits has instructions for two socks on 2 circulars.  The yarn colours are pretty much what I expected from the website, no nasty surprises.  I like the plain labels Knit Picks used for the yarn, and this is what I got:

Simple Stripes

I got the Vineyard colour way, which has plum, tan and brown stripes.  The balls look bigger than I expected, 231 yards per 50g, made in Italy of 75% superwash wool, 25% polyamide.  These are for my Magic Loop experiment.  I'm going to start with my favourite toe-up sock pattern and then use the loop once the toe is done.  I got my first Addi Turbo needles today, a 40 inch size 1.

Sock Garden

The Daffodil colour is a gorgeous light green, dark green, brown, orange, and yellow blend, I can't wait to see it knit up.  It has 220 yards per 50g, made in Peru of 100% merino wool.  The yarn feels soft and springy and warm.  I think this will make great socks.  I'll probably have k2p2 ribbing all the way up on these.


Magic Loop ROCKS!  I love my Addi needle, even more so after its uncurling hot water bath.  The Simple Stripes is knitting up well, feels like it'll be a good, hard-wearing pair of socks.  Pictures when I have a decent amount of sock to photo.  Did the Sherman toe from the pattern and then started in with the Addi.  Love the Addi!  It's still a bit awkward going from one side to the other, but you only do it twice a round so I'm not so bothered.

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