Housing. More housing. Basements!

Saw another two houses this lunch time.  The basements are all starting to blur together into one big generic basement.  One house was OK, needed a lot of redecorating work, some nasty wood stuff stripped off and redone in the back room, but there was almost no kitchen counter space.  The other was too small, but had a wonderful, dry, big basement, new sump pump, no mold or anything, and the owners have great bedroom furniture, but it only had 2 rooms, a tiny kitchen, no dishwasher.  It has a garage, and wood floors, but too small.  Yale is looking like our best bet, especially since it's 4000 feet from the phone switch, meaning lightening fast DSL internet access, and about 1250 square feet of space, compared to 900 in our apartment.

Yale also has more cupboards than I thought possible in the space available.  If you were going to open a cupboard and find another world, it would happen in that house.  And I would forgive a lot for that dining room, kitchen, and living room, but not a half inch of water in the dungeon/cellar part of the basement.  Still, if the owner would fix it for us...  And tarmac the drive too.  But where the heck are the cable TV sockets?  And the phone sockets?

Argh!  Decisions, moving, closing costs, basements, deposit, bedrooms, trees, kitchens, location, driveways, it's all too much!  Just get it over with and move on.  And move out.  I can't believe we've only been house hunting for twelve days, it feels like forever.  I've lost count of the houses.  Brentwood Place, Shortridge, Yale, Sturgis, Joyce, those two in Maryland Heights, that scary one in Rock Hill with the props and sagging basement ceiling we walked in and straight back out of, Manitou, Lone Oak, the two we went to on Sunday as open houses.  Only twelve?  Feels like hundreds.

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