Holy Lace Batman!

I couldn't resist that title!  This is the first 36 rows of the Faina scarf and it's working!

Faina scarf.

I've only had to tink part of one row where I forgot a yarnover.  It will need blocking and it looks much better in person, but it's working!  The sskp and sk2p gave me a little trouble (you want me to do what with that stitch?) but I understand why it's there now (thanks for the closeup Hope!).  I did the cast on over two needles, and that seems to be loose enough.

This is not quite the first lace I've done.  I picked up another skein of Silky Wool and tried Knitty's Branching Out lace scarf as a tryout for Faina.  I messed up rows 1, 3, 5, and 7, having to rip everything out each time.  It's only a nine row pattern and I messed it up dismally.  I'm determined to get it right one day, but Faina is a lot easier, 78 row repeat and all.  Maybe the geometry of Faina is making it easier for me.  Either way, I really like this pattern.  I'm not a chart girl and having the whole thing written out is wonderful.

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