Best and Worst of the UK

Hull 'worst place to live in UK'.  According to Channel 4, these are the top ten best and worst places to live in the UK.

The best are:

  1. Epsom and Ewell (Surrey)
  2. City of Westminster (London)
  3. Harrogate (North Yorkshire)
  4. Ashford (Kent)
  5. Stratford Upon Avon (Warwickshire)
  6. East Hertfordshire
  7. South Cambridgeshire
  8. Mole Valley (Surrey)
  9. Guildford
  10. West Oxfordshire

Three of the top ten places to live are in Surrey, one is where I used to live.  The house prices are so high there, we couldn't have bought a place in Guildford, but it's a gorgeous town, excellent university, cobbled high street, canal and water meadow, Jolly Farmer pub on the canal, and the country's only brick-built cathedral, with a 12 foot tall golden angel weathervane.  I miss it sometimes.

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