Hemp socks

It's difficult to capture the colour of this wool, hemp, and mohair yarn, suffice to say it's gorgeous:

Hemp socks.

The hemp socks are coming along nicely.  The heels and toes are reinforced with beige thread, which muddies the colours.  This photo is part of the un-reinforced foot.  I love the orange parts of yarn.  I'm working on the leg now, all 2x2 rib.  The yarn is soft and feels very warm when I've tried it on.  I think these will be my second favourite pair of socks.  I can't wait to finish them.

Found this lurking on the bed when I went looking for the camera:

Tangle cat.

This is the younger of our two cats by about two months, now just over two years old.  Tangle is rarely seen by visitors, except as a low orange blur running away.  He's not good with strangers or sudden noises, and is terrified of plastic bags.  Does anyone else have a cat with fears like this?

And speaking of cats, why do they never react when the lion roars on the start of MGM shows?  Surely there should be some recognition in there?  Same species, only bigger, except cats can't roar.  This has bugged me for a while.

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