Halfway to blocking

Faina is now half done, and I'm still using the first ball of yarn.  The yarn comes in 175m skeins, which I read as 175yds, a whole different (and much shorter) animal.  I need 450yds for the scarf.  I have three skeins which is 525m, or about 574yds.  I should be done in two balls of yarn even with the fringe, which leaves a dilemma:  What do I make with the third ball of pink yarn I already wound?  I also have a ball of purple.  Maybe a two strand pink/purple lace thing.  Can you do lace with two strands of yarn?

One skein wonder.

The scarf is going to need blocking because the ends curl in badly.  I'm thinking I'll get it really wet and pin it out on a towel.  Any blocking advice?  I have another scarf that needs blocking too, just in time for cooler weather: the acid green Morehouse Farm Snake Scarf.

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