Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting II

Next week's homegroup meeting is about fasting, and starting today we have seven days worth of Bible verses about fasting to meditate on.  We're planning a group fast (one day without food) for the week after, but the concept of fasting isn't restricted to food.  I drive to work with the radio on, switching stations when one goes to commercials.  When I get to work one of my officemates has the radio on all day.  I take my iPod to work with me and listen to the radio on the way home.  That's a lot of audio intake every day.  The best day to fast from music would be Friday when the officemate doesn't work.  I know fasting from food makes me tetchy and grumpy.  Fasting from music may not have the same physical effect, but it's what you do with

the extra time that's important, not what you've given up to get there.

(Hubby also suggested a fast from knitting, but I have some things to make for Christmas I haven't started yet, plus Faina.)

Meditation was the first personal discipline we looked at, followed by prayer, fasting, and study.  The aim is to build the disciplines into our lives cumulatively.  When we reach the study discipline, a study exercise will be added to the daily meditations.

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