Haiku IV

The Mystery Yarn Parcel I won in Jillz August contest arrived last night!  Good old Royal Mail!

Mystery parcel,
Rowan Cotton Chenille yarn,
Galaxy chocolate!
Mystery Yarn Parcel!

There was a bar of Galaxy chocolate in the box that did not last the night, also a lovely note, and four balls of yarn purchased from Liberty in London, a store I remember walking past and never going in.  It is my first Rowan yarn, Chunky Cotton Chenille in two wonderfully contrasting shades of blue, soft and squishy.

Yarn close up.

I love those two colours next to each other!  Jillz, how did you know blue is one of my favourite colours?  152 yds a ball, I have four balls, so that's 608 yards total.  The Shapely Tank Top requires 600 yards, but that's in DK not chunky.  Can anyone help me do the conversion from DK to chunky?  Dark blue two thirds of the way up, and the top third in light blue maybe?  Or maybe a warm and snuggly Tricot?  Or a scarf, hat and mittens set?  A waistcoat/vest?  Endless possibilities.  Must swatch, but endless possibilities!  What would you make with it?

The Thursday haiku round up:

I've been listing the haiku's for the day they were written, not the day I found them.  The Friday haiku round up will be the last one.  It will be done early afternoon as I'm leaving town for the retreat, so apologies in advance for anyone I miss off the list.  Just leave a note in the comments and I'll add you when I get back.  This has been so much fun!  Make sure you read everyone's comments, lots of haiku are popping up there too.

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