A handbag?

Fascinating article in the Telegraph, £577   price tag as the handbag spills its secrets.

Women's handbags have always been a mystery to men and now it appears they are a mystery to women too.  Few realise it but the average handbag and its contents are worth £577, according to a survey of women.  What's more, despite the labyrinthine nature of bags - containing everything from packets of cough sweets to tissues or countless receipts that have been there since the dawn of time - the average value was made up of just 10 items.  The survey of 1,700 women found that most had a bag priced at £30, a purse worth £15, containing £50 cash, a £199 mobile phone, £50 sunglasses, 8 hairbrush, £40 of perfume, house and car keys that would cost £100 to replace, and a leather diary or organiser worth £35.  Perhaps the most incomprehensible statistic to men is that the average make-up bag and its contents carried in a handbag was worth £50.

So what's in your handbag?  Mine always has my wallet (containing a very hard to replace green card and a handful of change), keys (including a Photon II Microlight), lip balm, pocket Moleskine notebook, pen (Cross Ion Hubby gave me that writes purple), cell phone, comb, mirror, eye drops, nail clippers, Leatherman Micra, small tin of headache pills, tissues when I remember to restock it, cheap sunglasses, and some fluff right at the bottom of the bag.  That's not £577, but it's more than I expected.

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