Grab Bag

Autumn Knitty is out, and the first pattern to catch my eye is the Hallowig.  This could be so many things!  Put in a fringe to make a punk Mohawk, make it in grey as a battle helmet, knit it in toxic green with tentacles as an alien head.  I love it!  Blaze looks nifty too.

The journal keeping course at Writer's Village University started on Wednesday.  This is my third attempt and I will NOT drop out again.  I'm going to complete this course if I have to round up classmates and drag them in.  This weblog is part of my journal and I recall an assignment to write a week in haiku verse, so the next eight weeks could be a little strange.  The first assignment will be posted on the class board tonight.  I have eleven years of paper journal and two years of weblog to mine for ideas.  There has to be something useful in there.

My first dental appointment in over six years is on Monday afternoon and I'm terrified.  I'm taking my giant rhinovirus microbe for moral support.

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