Free association

Unconscious Mutterings game of free association.

  1. Blizzard:: "It's the wrong kind of snow, Gromit!" trains out of service for a 4 inch "blizzard"in England.
  2. J:: Java, JDK 1.4.2, IntelliJ IDEA, Chronicle, Extreme Programming, coffee cup.
  3. Control:: panel, options dialog, toolbox, manual transmission.
  4. Blood:: Vampire, Buffy, X Box.
  5. Mysterious:: closed doors that open themselves, that creepy patch of floor outside the bathroom that seems to have eyes, things that go bump in the night.
  6. Annoying:: Arrogant, pushy, dangerous drivers.  People who block intersections, never signal, and adhere to only one rule of the road: "Thou shalt not get in front of me and live."
  7. Throat:: Ralph Lauren silk scarf, velvet on one side, blue on one end, fading through purple to deep red on the other end.
  8. Condom:: Richard Branson's Virgin brand condoms.
  9. Search:: Google, Mapquest, lost keys, cats in the basement.
  10. Heartfelt:: handwritten.

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