Free association

Playing Unconscious Mutterings game of free association again.

  1. Leapfrog:: playtime in Broke Hall Primary, stinging nettles.
  2. Co-workers:: lawn mower, cookies, food days, friends.
  3. Mustang:: Michelle from Alpha, watching Nicky Gumbel in the Engleman's living room.
  4. Wafer:: communion at Evanston Vineyard IL, eighth wedding anniversary.
  5. Nicotine:: 1981 X registration silver Metro Sport 1.3 litre.  Removing the sun visors and finding out the beige vinyl ceiling was originally white, and just how much the previous owner smoked when he was out poaching.
  6. Fast food:: Kabob Kaboom chicken tikka marsala, Alpha course on Tuesday nights, meeting at the mall food court 5:45pm.
  7. Suffocate:: pillow, drowning.
  8. Myth:: Joseph Campbell, Stargate SG-1, Christopher Vogler, Star Wars, Robert Graves "Greek Myths."
  9. Lane:: changing lanes, M25 London Orbital motorway.  A12 highway in Suffolk and Olive Street Road, residential street in St Louis, both have two lanes each way.
  10. Unexpected:: visitors, around dinner time, putting an extra place setting out on Wednesdays for Bristow.  Robin who was "just passing" the cul-de-sac and didn't.

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