FO: Summer Limeade socks

Finished a pair of socks with the components I like.  Toe up, 2x2 ribbing, lace panels from the 365 Knitting Stitches A Day perpetual calendar, eye of partridge heel flap, and a picot cast off.  I extended the slip stitch pattern up beyond the heel flap so it covers the back of the heel area properly.

Summer Limeade socks.

Pattern: Open Weave lace panels

Yarn: SWTC TOFUtsies, colour 805

Needles: US0 magic loop

Duration: 12th March to 21st April

Ravelry project: Summer Limeade socks

The yarn is about as variegated as I want to get, I prefer shaded solids to wild colour combinations.  Despite the 2.5% chitin in the yarn that's derived from shrimp and crab shells, it doesn't smell of fish, rather a dry dusty smell that will go away in the wash.  The last pair in this yarn lost a little dye over the last 3 years but show no other signs of wear.

Also made a long lime i-cord for my karate sparring gear.  Everyone has the same black mesh bag with similar black helmets, boots, gloves, and shin pads.  The i-cord was woven vertically through the mesh and it worked, no-one else picked up my bag after sparring class.

I have another sock to finish on my Panda Silk pair, but I'm starting a lace scarf instead.  Maybe two lace scarves.

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