FO: Sleepy Bunny

Finished the faceless bunny.  This will head out to England to be a fund-raising item for a rabbit rescue.  I left off the face, someone else volunteered to do that for me.  Also left off the pompom tail.

Sleepy bunny.

Pattern: Billy Bliss Bunny Rabbit (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Berroco Comfort
Needles: US3
Duration: 24th September to October
Ravelry project: Sleepy Bunny

I didn't use a full skein of the brown yarn, so I have plenty to make a second rabbit, or a small bear (Ravelry link), or a bigger bear (Ravelry link) from the same designer.  I have reached the halfway point on my bag of toy stuffing after at least seven years.  Shows how much I make things that need stuffing.

You knit this at a pretty tight gauge, and the first few rows after picking up stitches for a new piece are not easy, but the end result is good.

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