FO: Slayer Socks

After a long break and my 2010 NaNoWriMo novel, I finished these socks:

Slayer Socks.

Pattern: My own (toe up, ribbing, eye of partridge heel flap, rolled top)
Yarn: Sweet Georgia superwash sock in Slayer
Needles: US1.5 (2.5mm) magic loop
Duration: 20th September to 1st December
Ravelry project: Slayer Socks

I'm not impressed with this yarn for quality.  The colour is wonderful, but in several places on both skeins, one of the plies was broken for a section.  I dislike weaving in extra ends, so I'm not getting this again.

These socks came out looser than the gauge swatch promised, so they didn't fit me very well.  Happily they fit my karate instructor perfectly, her feet are one size up and she often complains of cold feet.  I think it appropriate that the black belt master instructor gets socks the colour of blood!  I really hope they last.

Delivered to Karen as her Christmas present. She immediately showed them off to everyone else in the karate school: "Look! I have socks, and they fit perfectly!"  The other instructors were boggled at the idea of hand-made socks.

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