FO: Appletini socks

I have stripes! And while they don't match exactly, they both look good.  I wanted to avoid an out-of-sequence stripe of pink or green after the heel turn, and both socks managed that.

Appletini socks.

Pattern: My own (picot hem, ribbing, eye of partridge heel, grafted toe)
Yarn: Yarntini self-striping sock in Appletini
Needles: US1 (2.25mm) circular
Duration: 1st May to 1st June
Ravelry project: Appletini socks

This was the project I took on the plane to San Francisco the weekend Hubby's company flew me out to see him, and it's my first ever airport knitting.  I cast on, did the hem, put it on the dpns, and stopped for a week until I flew.  This is also the first pair of socks I have made a conscious effort to line up the stripes.  I didn't quite make it, but not in a bad way.  They have a grafted toe using knitty's wonderfully clear instructions, which came out better than I expected.  Grafting and a flap heel are the price I pay for a hemmed sock, and the reason I don't have many pairs of hemmed socks.

I got this yarn in November 2006 and hesitated to use it because I never knew what striping pattern it had.  I'm glad it has this one instead of three equal stripes.  Since I went from my usual US1.5 sock needle to a true US1, I added one stitch to my regular sock recipe, and it seems to have worked.  Sock #1 went from heel flap to grafting in one day because Hubby was in San Francisco that weekend and I had nothing to do but knit and watch TV, until the TV malfunctioned and all I could do was knit.  It was either this, or the mammoth stitch pick up on my Dew Point shrug.

My hour-late doctor helped the second sock go from just before the heel flap to almost past the gusset decreases, and I almost finished these at my knitgroup weekend away, knitting in spare moments.

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