Doctor Who is coming to town!

BBC News: American opening for Doctor Who.

The revamped adventures of BBC Wales' Doctor Who are to be seen by sci-fi fans in America, it has been announced.  The first series of the cult programme starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper is to be screened by the American Sci Fi Channel.  The screening deal was confirmed by the US channel and BBC Worldwide Americas on Thursday.  Welcoming the deal, Sci FI Channel's Thomas P Vitale said Doctor Who was a "true sci-fi classic".
The Sci Fi Channel has been granted the first-run rights for the series of Doctor Who written and executive produced by Russell T Davies.  The series attracted huge ratings and received critical acclaim when it was screened in the UK last spring.  The channel also has an option on the second series, in which David Tennant takes over the time travelling adventurer's title role from Eccleston.


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