Confessions on a knitting morning

When we left for England, I took the Harvest Moon Socks That Rock with me, just past the toe on the first sock. I got within an inch of finishing the pair over there. They were completed on Monday 9th and are now awaiting their first wash after a successful test drive. Did some slight variations on a 2x2 rib pattern and used a Sherman sock heel and toe. These are the Harvest Rock socks:

Harvest Rock Socks.

Koigu neck scarf.

Also took the Koigu neck scarf to knit on the plane, using the free pattern from Patternworks. Didn't get much done, and couldn't knit on the way back, but it's about halfway through now. The stitch pattern is really simple, but I love how it's given the scarf texture and depth. This is my first Koigu and I like it, soft and tightly spun. The skein was a lot more pink than the red I was expecting, next time I'll go for a purple, blue, or green one. Nowhere around here sells Koigu so I'm stuck with catalog ordering.

Started the latest project yesterday. My father-in-law liked my bowknot scarf so I'm making a navy machine-washable one for him out of doubled Paton's Kroy sock yarn. I altered the pattern a little, dropping two needle sizes just before the divide and a couple of rows after keeps the fabric from looking loose. Also I increased to 28 stitches after the slot. It's great for when you don't want to wear a big chunky scarf but your neck would get cold without.

Navy bow knot scarf.

The remnants of the Socks That Rock are now in strip three of the leftovers blanket, to be followed by the Trampoline Stretch I used for Roxanne's Tiger socks.  It's going to be a good year for socks.  The in-laws have a KnitPicks catalog to choose yarn for their socks.  I want to make another pair for Hubby, his Mountain Colours Bearfoot socks are in every load of laundry.  After that, I'll make socks for my mother, then use the Opal Rainforest Owl for a pair for me.  Five pairs, I think that's my sock knitting planned out till summer!  Somewhere in there I also want to make the gorgeous Bittersweet Mittens kit Hubby gave me for Christmas.

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