Doctor, is that you?

Doctor Who, fashion icon.  My first look at the new Doctor

He's been a dandy, an Edwardian cricketer and most famously wore a long scarf. Doctor Who's togs change as he regenerates. So what are the fashion tips from everyone's favourite Time Lord?  Flamboyant. Garish. Bizarre. Seldom does Time Lord fashion make it to the High Street.  Until now. When David Tennant takes over the role later this year, it will be in what he describes as "geek chic".  Gone is his predecessor's tailored leather jacket. Instead Tennant will look like the type of man Kate Moss might date, with a just-got-out-of-bed, dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards, only-thing-I-could-find look.

I'm not so sure about the outfit, it could be anyone in there.  Where's the sprig of celery?  Or the umbrella?  Or that nauseating coat?  Or the scarf?  This look could be anyone off the street.  Is there anything distinctly Doctor?

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