All grown up

It finally happened:

Swift and winder.

I know this isn't exactly new technology, but I have avoided getting a swift and winder for ages.  Didn't think I needed one, and besides, Chris at the yarn store would wind things for me for a small fee.  There's stuff I've not bought solely because it wasn't wound, and I was secretly thinking that winding could be fun.  So I went up to the yarn store looking to get the three skeins of Silky Wool wound for Faina'a Scarf, and I came back with a winder.  Fifteen minutes after I get home, I have this:

The next victim.

That thing can spin quite fast if you crank the winder!  The white is the undyed fresh-off-the-sheep yarn from the farmer's market, the two red orange balls are worsted wool/hemp/mohair from DZined, the pink is the Silky Wool, and the blue was a Christmas present from Rox still looking for a good pattern.

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