The replacement skein of Socks That Rock yarn from The Fold arrived on Thursday, it was a 360yd skein of Jade.  Looks good, no knots or problems visible when I was winding it this morning, I'm happy.  It's a 360yd skein instead of a 325yd, colour is lovely.  It'll be a while before I get to it though, because there was a box sat  on the porch on Friday from KnitPicks, this is one ball of each yarn I ordered:

KnitPicks delivery.

From left to right, Simple Stripes in Storm, Essentials in Dusk, Parade in Daffodil, Sock Landscapes in New England Foliage, and across the front is Sock Memories in Yukon.  This is the result of my morning winding session:

KnitPicks all wound up.

The KnitPicks yarn is very soft, no tangles or knots, and the colour is great!  Started working on the first pair of socks using the New England Foliage yarn (red, orange, green, yellow) and have finished the toe.  Still deciding on what pattern to put on the foot.  The Parade yarn felt the softest of the lot but Sock Landscapes knit up is squidgy and cushy, I think this will make a great pair of socks.  Essentials is slightly heathered, Hubby likes the colour.  I'll put up yarn reviews as I get to the yarn.

And this is why my living room was colder than it should have been:

Cat on a hot tin vent.

Tangle is lying on the air vent, almost completely blocking it.  This is his favourite place to sleep or hang out.  His belly is toasty warm from all the hot air that should be going into the living room.  He's also getting the warm air from the computer (hence the mess of wires).  I have raised a Heat Vampire, sucking in every last degree of heat he can get.  Maybe I should rent him out to the gas company to raise revenue?

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