Dark Side Mister Men

I love the Mister Men and Little Misses.  Plaid-Dragon has this icon for bad days:

Little Miss Crankypants.

Haven't you ever wished for alternative Mister Men?  I offer you the Dark Side Mister Men and Little Misses, the ones they kept hidden:

  • Little Miss Prozac
  • Little Miss Fashionazi
  • Little Miss Bankrupt
  • Little Miss Gossip
  • Little Miss Fragile
  • Little Miss Screech
  • Little Miss Hypocrite
  • Little Miss Hopeless
  • Little Miss Superior
  • Little Miss Cling
  • Mister Stalker
  • Mister Dull
  • Mister Fetish
  • Mister Deception
  • Mister Misogynist
  • Mister Motormouth
  • Mister Breathmonster
  • Mister Remotecontrol
  • Mister Creditcard
  • Mister Creepy

Did I miss any?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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