Consecutive spinning

Progress reports on my Tour de Fleece.  I'm still in the running for that yellow badge because I've spun every day so far.

Wednesday 9th July

Spun up some of the flick carded Polwarth on the wheel and got a new appreciation for combed top!  It's not so easy when you're preparing the fibre yourself with a dog brush.  Picked out a pile of second cuts and spun through an episode of Stargate Atlantis.  I have enough fleece locks to keep me and my dog brush happy for a while: grey Polwarth, grey CVM, dark grey Romney, and white Lincoln.

Thursday 10th July

Spindle spinning Wensleydale after work.  Thursday is carpooling day and I finish work three hours before Hubby does.  Camped out in Borders cafe and spun, no-one commented, or stared.  Did get a fair amount of fibre on myself, I'm definitely considering sewing up some kind of lap blanket, especially when I'm spinning silk because it get everywhere.

Friday 11th July

Seven consecutive days of spinning!  Still gravitating to the spindle, it's probably about half full now.  Ordered some Cotswold roving from Etsy.

Saturday 12th July

Almost dropped the ball, hard to make myself pick up the spindle again.  Golding did an excellent job with the Tudor Rose spindle, I let it go until it touched the floor while I was standing up and it was still going.  Planning to Navajo ply this with the wheel.

Sunday 13th July

Spindle spinning while Hubby napped.  Carving out a chunk of time to spin isn't easy.  I happily knit a sock in church before the service starts, but I'm more self-conscious about spinning in public.  Went through the fibre stash and put together a sample pack of Cormo, Polwarth, Gotland, CVM, and Wensleydale, the wools are very different when you put them next to each other.

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