Conference thoughts

I don't know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen.

Sid the sloth on Ice Age.

The Vineyard National Conference drew leaders from all over the country to Columbus Ohio.  I met people from Texas, Long Island, Michigan, West Virginia, California, Arkansas, Colorado, Australia, Germany, and Britain.  Among around two thousand people, it's odd how often you keep meeting the same ones, including the ones you came with and the others from St Louis.

Gordon Fee did a session on Monday night, and devotions from Philippians on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings which were amazing.  The workshops were awesome.  Judy Davids on journaling, Nancy Wilson for pastor's wives (don't ask), Donnell Wyche on church websites (no, I'm not doing this on an Apple).  Missed Jason Chatraw on ministry writing, but the tape is coming.

Met Steve Robbins, director of Vineyard Leadership Institute, the man responsible for Hubby's last six quarters of study, intensives, projects, and service requirements.  When asked what Hubby should do next after VLI, Steve said "Love your wife.  Take her away for the weekend."  I like Steve.  Also met Don Williams, one of the regular VLI lecturers, and Tim Walsh, alpha geek for

Main speakers that stood out were Dr Philip Jenkins, Julia Pickerill, and Phil Strout.  Strout was responsible for the Ice Age quote, showing that chunk of the movie in the Thursday night session.  Dr Jenkins is Welsh born like Hubby, and talked about global South Christianity.  Looking foward to reading his book.

It was a good week.  Glad to be home, despite breaking the toilet this morning (all fixed now, new flush mechanism installed).

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