Conference knitting

While I was at the conference, I got some knitting time in.  The second Simple Stripes sock was started on Sunday, and I finished the heel on the drive home yesterday.  Not while I was driving, though I probably could have since Interstate 70 through the entire state of Indiana is under construction and I got to drive the roadworks in both directions.  People at the conference kept asking what I was doing and boggling at the thought of knitting socks.  I made fraternal twins:

Fraternal socks.

The Knit Picks Simple Stripes yarn is cooperating nicely, and I think it'll make a good pair of hard-wearing socks, but it pales in comparison with this:  Mountain Colours Bearfoot yarn in Pheasant.

The ultimate sock yarn.

This is for Hubby.  It is silky soft, beautifully shaded and I can't wait to start using it.  Soon as the Simple Stripes socks are done, I'm starting this yarn.  I got this at The Yarn Shop in Columbus between conference workshops.

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