Close of (Christmas) knitting

The Christmas knitting is finished!  The last couple of finished objects for 2006 were socks for Rox and a nose warmer for Martha.  Got the pattern for the nose warmer from Any Singer's Knit Wit, it's just a short-row sock heel.  I skipped the tassel and used ribbon for the ties; it earned me a thump on the shoulder and a huge grin from the recipient.  Mission accomplished.

I'm going to go back to the Eternal Sweater sleeve, and start a pair of socks with the Lizardman yarn I got from Twisted on Etsy.  Question is, what new technique do I incorporate into this pair?  A hemmed top like the rolling thunder socks (which means a top down heel flap, and I'm not good at that)?  All over lace like Falling Leaves, instead of just a panel?  The Widdershins style of toe up heel flap sock?  What would you do next?  What's your favourite sock technique?

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