Chocolate, Cola, and Copyleft

According to "The World of Caffeine" (Weinberg and Bealer) Spain was the first European country to drink chocolate, nuns in Mexican cloisters were the first Europeans to make hard chocolate, probably learning it from the locals.  Until the French Revolution, chocolate drinks were seen as a convenient way to poison someone, because the strong taste hid the flavour of the poison.  No mention is made of what happened to inconvenient people after the revolution.  Fascinating book.

In other caffeinated news, OpenCola have released a cola recipe and copylefted it.  Copyleft is "a general method for making a program free software and requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free software as well"  (from the Copyleft page on the Gnu Project site).  Not originally intended to apply to drinks, let alone the Secret Cola recipe, but OpenCola are giving it a try.  They do software too according to their website.

One of the secret ingredients of their cola recipe is lavender oil.  Yuck!  I hate the smell of lavender, now I find out I've probably been drinking the stuff for years.  Orange, lemon and lime oils are fine, but lavender?

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