Catching up

All sorts of things get pushed off during November.  Now it's December (when did that happen?  I'm not ready!).

I finished a pair of socks for Heather for Christmas, pattern is a modification of Monkey with a toe-up heel-flap and a rolled brim.  Did some more work on a raspberry angora neck cozy, which is blissfully soft and fuzzy.  Planning to finish Eris over the Christmas holiday.  I have a nice chunk of time off and it would be great to wear.  Still puzzled about how the back bottom edge is cast off and the pattern leaves me no wiser.  The Flutter scarf is just over half done.  I have a commission for a Jayne Hat from a fellow NaNo'er, this one will be in Lite Lopi.

My novel needs the final chapter and editing before I get the hard copy.  I'm at 55k and like the story a lot.  At some point I might have to edit one of these things up into a real novel and submit it somewhere.

Houston, we have a problem: I get nervous in front of other people.  Not in group class, but doing my kata and techniques.  My instructor's solution to this?  Put me in a TOURNAMENT doing Long 2 kata sometime in March/April.  In front of 300 or so people in a school gymnasium.  I need to practice.

I wore my belt to lesson and group class.  Purple is my first "not a beginner anymore" belt and I love it.  We're learning blue belt techniques now, and there will be weapons kata.

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