Canadian research

Wonderful paper in the Canadian Medical Association Journal: Head injuries in nursery rhymes: evidence of a dangerous subtext in children's literature.

In the case of Humpty Dumpty, we question whether "all the king's horses and all the king's men" were capable of launching an appropriate medical intervention after Mr. Dumpty's unfortunate accident. What sort of EMS training and equipment did these first responders have? Although the accompanying saddlebags might have contained a cervical collar, it is unlikely that a spinal board would have been available, seriously compromising spinal management. The presence of "all the king's men" also suggests a shocking lack of crowd control. Could the crowded scene explain the inability of the responders to "put Humpty together again"? Should this attempt even have been made, given the circumstances? Might a "snatch and run" by real EMS personnel have saved the victim?

They even have a "medically sound" nursery rhyme right at the end.  I love the lab report style.  Link via the BBC.

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