The main drive in our desktop machine failed last week.  Total meltdown.  Hubby's downstairs trying to convince Windows that this new hard drive is OK to install on, and that it should be happy with the new digs.  I can't watch.  I hate it when things break down and I can't fix them.  We've lost all the pre-installed software (why did they stop giving you the CDs?) but the files got backed up in time, so no huge loss in theory.

If my laptop broke, that would be a major problem.  It's a trusty Compaq block from the late 1990s, still running Windows 98, and it does everything.  Web browsing, email, spam protection, graphics, web design and FTP, everything I need, and fairly reliable.  This whole site was created on my laptop.  The desktop machine was the file repository, the burner of backup CDs, the games machine, and the Windows XP test machine.

Update 8:00pm

Operating system reinstall seems to be working, though the system is not complete yet.  Getting the wireless network running should be easier than last time.

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