Brass Monkeys

There was a freak blizzard across St Louis on Monday morning but all the snow was gone by 2pm.  It's been grey and dismal and bitter cold outside for weeks, even my red car turned grey with all the salt on the roads.  I got a ball of bright orange Trekking to prove there are still colours out there.  I may have to carry it with me till spring.

Also picked up some navy Cherry Tree Hill yarn to make a pair of Vinnland socks for Elaine.  Two repeats in and I like the pattern, though it looks a lot better stretched out on a foot.  Did the chart in reverse for the first eight rows and had to rip it back.

Yarn, spindle, and sock.

I got both yarns while I was in Knitty Couture at the monthly spinning session.  Took my Golding spindle and some grey alpaca from Spunky Eclectic that was a dream to spin!  It seems to want to be spun thin with a lot of twist. Watched Sam Navajo-plying some singles, which was a great help, I think I get how to do it now.

We are moving the monthly knitting group to the Knitty Couture store for Saturday 8th March.  We normally meet in Brentwood Borders but they are closed because of a water main break, and it will be weeks before they're open again.

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