Book study

We're discussing our way through Empowered Evangelicals in women's group, a book we actually had on our shelves until we gave it away.  This is a big step up from the last book (the Allure of Hope, by Jan Meyers), which was all non-scientific, touchy-feely emotional stuff.  I was known for not liking that book, and saying precisely why.  So I'm looking at Rachel's copy of Empowered Evangelicals, with the neat half-inch chomp out of the cover courtesy of Lucky the parrot, facing 115 pages of reading to catch up.  115 pages of theology.

We talked about some wacky theological views that various people in the group have been in contact with, and one of them states that the Bible contains everything God wants us to know, ever.  I've never found anything in there about why iron has the most binding energy per nucleon, or how earthquakes work, or a whole pile of other things.  It's not like God left us the Bible and said "I'm off on vacation, it's all in the Book, see you at the end of the world."  John Wimber said there was the menu, and the meal.  You can study and memorise the menu all you want, but the good part is the meal, the knowing God and doing the stuff part.  Not my best area.  And you can count me out of the practical if we study Christian martyrs later in the year.

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