BOFH Excuses

The BOFH is one of my favourite geek creations.  He is the B*****d Operator From Hell who rules the network with an iron hand, several hundred volts of electricity, and the Halon fire prevention system.

I downloaded a whole pile of BOFH excuses for why the computer/network/system/internet isn't working.  These are a few for use this week:

Your computer's not working becauseElectromagnetic radiation from satellite debris

Static from nylon underwear

Magnetic interference from money/credit cards

Somebody was calculating pi on the server

Network packets travelling uphill (use a carrier pigeon)

Bad ether in the cables
Secretary plugged hairdryer into UPS

Repeat after me: RTFM (read the manual).

PS.  Note use of Hubby's newly discovered <acronym> tag above.  Much coolness.

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