I got thinking about Blogrolls, the list of links to other blogs you see on most sites.  Mine ended up in sections, Friends, Christian, St Louis, and Other, plus a link to GBlogs (blogs by Brits).  My list changes often.  Eric Raymond's blog Armed and Dangerous just dropped off the list.  While he does write some interesting stuff, he is so anti-religion it bugs me.  Fragments from Floyd, written by Fred First, just got added, because he writes a good, entertaining blog.

I like to keep an eye on the local bloggers.  I have faces to match to blogs, and one memorable t-shirt (Juan Gato, where did you get the three eyed fish?).  The Christian section is rather small, mostly people who are more consistently Christian than I am, though I have been categorised as a "theological" blog somewhere!

Very strange to find my blog on someone else's list though.  That means someone's reading what I write.  What kind of person stops here, I wonder?

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